San Mateo County Historical Association

School Programs

Registration Starts April 15

Both virtual and on-site programs are being offered for the 2021-2022 school year. Please use links below to register for the desired program.
If you have any problems with the forms, please email the information requested to the requested site (History Museum, Folger Stable, Sanchez Adobe or Woodside Store).

What Teachers Are Saying About Our School Program

Great place for families, couples and anyone who enjoys local history! Super place for school field trips as well! I take my students every year.

Great, hands on learning. Everyone loved it!

Students were engaged! They were enthusiastic in all of the activities. They looked forward to this field trip.

The hands-on experiences stay with the students, and become a touchstone for the rest of the year. For me, I delight in watching my students learn in ways I can’t always replicate in the classroom.

History Museum Programs

Whether riding in a stagecoach in “Getting from Here to There” or exploring the traditions of immigrants to the Peninsula in ”People from Many Places”, the San Mateo County History Museum offers a variety of educational programs for kids of all ages.

Online Registration:

Historic Site Programs

Step back in time and explore the past with interactive school programs at the Sanchez Adobe, the Woodside Store, and the Folger Stable.

Traveling Trunks Program

Make your classroom come to life with primary source documents and reproductions of items from the Historical Association’s archives.

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