Annual Campaign

Preserving the Past, Building the Future

Funds raised from the Annual Campaign account for 33% of our annual budget. Your support this year is more important than ever to the sustainability of the organization. During the lengthy time we are closed to the public because of the COVID-19 crisis, we have had practically zero income from our traditional earned revenue sources. Your contribution will help us continue our mission of preserving the past and building the future by providing high quality education programming, exhibits, tours, and community events and outreach for over 60,000 adults, children and families each year.

Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check or credit card, and may be paid in a lump sum or in installments. Company matching gift programs double your gift value. See if your company has such a program. For information on making a stock gift or a contribution from your Required Minimum Distribution, e-mail us at

Suggested Levels of Giving

Recognition on website
All of the Supporter benefits, plus:
• Day pass for a family of four to the History Museum
All of the Friend benefits, plus:
• Recognition in the Historical Happenings newsletter
• Membership to the History Museum for one year
All of the Benefactor benefits, plus:
• Discounts on renting the History Museum for private events
Golden Circle of Friends
All of the Historian benefits, plus:
• Recognition on a donor board at entrance of the History Museum
• Recognition in the Annual Report
• Exclusive invitation to the Golden Circle dinner
• Commemorative Gift
President's Roundtable
All of the Golden Circle benefits, plus:
• Sponsorship recognition on Exhibits / Children's Program / Adult Activities (to be arranged with staff)
Chairman's Roundtable
All of the President's Roundtable benefits, plus:
• Prominent Sponsorship recognition
$10,000 and Up

Contributors to 2020 Annual Campaign

SMCHA gives thanks to all of our contributors to the 2020 Annual Campaign. With your generous support, we are able to continue our mission and expand our service to the community.

Leadership Council

Leadership Council logos

Chairman’s Roundtable

Sandra McLellan Behling
The Christensen Family Foundation
Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation
The Charles D. and Frances K. Field Fund
Martinez Family Trust

Lynn McLellan
San Mateo Credit Union
Suzanne Parsons
Donna Petersen

Sammut Family Foundation
Joe Welch and Family
Grace Williams
Christine Williams

President’s Roundtable

Sandra and Keith Bautista
The Bear Gulch Foundation
Bohannon Foundation
David Canepa
Chonita and Michael Cleary

Donna Colson
R. Frank Coltart, Jr.
Concar Enterprises
Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle LLP
G.W. Williams Foundation
Gonsalves and Stronck
Rupert H. Johnson, Jr. Foundation

Karen and John LaTorra
Ed Littlefield, Jr.
Karen and George McCown
Patricia and Kenneth Pellizzari
Michael and Paula Rantz Foundation
Thelma Doelger Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo Foundation

Golden Circle of Friends

Aaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle APC
Tom Ames
Karen Seiko Arimoto Peterson
Michael Berube
BKF Engineers
Audrey and Richard Bojack
Borel Estate Company
Arthur Bredenbeck
Brentwood Finance Company LLC
Brook and Shawn Byers
Joseph and Roberta Carcione
Russ Castle
Nick’s Restaurant
Peggy and Jim Clifford
Trish and Dave Collins
George Corey
Bill and Marcy Davey
Shawn DeLuna
Peggy and Reid Dennis
Steve Dostart
Kaia Eakin and Bryan Beck
Energy Mechanix, Inc.

Dee and Richard Eva
Ted and Lois Everett
Nancy and Hal Fick
Cheryl and Greg Galli
Joseph and Helen Galligan
Trip Hawkins
Heritage Bank
Ralph and Margaret Ho
Elaine and Don Horsley
Elizabeth Swindells Hulsey Fund
Mark and Stacey Jamison
Kaiser Permanente
William F. Kenney
Susan Kay Lang
Suzanne Legallet
Joan Levy
Charles A Lynch
Margaret and Jamis MacNiven
Ellen Mallory
Joy and Rick Mayerson
James and Sally Meakin
Millbrae Square

Dr. Oakley Hewitt and Alice Ames Morison
Bob Mullen
Bill Nicolet
Julie Pardini
Laura Peterhans
Suzanne and Charley Phelps
Barbara and Jerry Pierce
Michael and Catherine Podell
Mitch and Kristie Postel
Adolph Rosekrans
Patrick Ryan
Safeway Foundaton
San Mateo County Trial Lawyers
Al Schwoerer
John Shroyer
Silberstein Family foundation
Colleen Tate
Towne Ford
Tri Counties Bank
Pete and Paula Uccelli Foundation
California Water Service Company
Patricia and Steve Way


Brian Ayer and Jason Seifer
Judy Barton
Joseph A. Benetti & Associates
Kelley Benetti, Coldwell Banker
Carmen Blair
Norman and Judith Book
SummerHill Housing Apartments
Brentwood Holding Company
Paul Carella
Florence Chan
Phil Clock
Margaret Coleman
Adele Cox

Dick and Matilde DeLuna
Easter Cross Association
Francesca Eastman
The Foster Family Trust
Tara Fowler
Alexandra Gillen and Hartmut Koeppen
Carole Groom
Robert Haeusslein
Charles Henderson
Lori Rae Hunter
Mark Johnson
Marquis Kuhn
Ronald and Carol Loiacono

Nancy Lund
Angela Mallet
Kirk McGowan
Gene Mullin
Vincent Muzzi
Saied Nourizadeh and Karen McCormick
Penisula Building Materials Co.
Patrick J. Ruane, Inc.
John Shroyer
Margaret Taylor
Thirty33 Legal
Marianne Walters


Phil and Daria Acker
Kate Ames
Nancy and Glenn Atkinson
Christopher Beth
Carlos Bolanos
David Bridgman
Linda and John Chamberlain
Lynn Chou
John Clinton
Howard Crittenden
Leonore Daschbach
Gaye De Benedetti
Debbie Bennis
Donna Dubinsky
Ralph Eschenbach
Fish Market – San Mateo
James Flood
Katherine Fosgett

Bonnie Fox
Deepak Ganju
Robin Guzzo and John Gonzales
Rose Gottemoeller and Ray Arnaudo
Robert Grassilli
Hope Musical Theatre
Wally Jansen
Kris Johnson
Carol Johnson
Daryl Jones
Gay and Harvey Kaplan
Rick La Torra
Maria and Stephen Leaf
Linda and Sid Liebes
Deanna Liotta
Donna Losey
Alisa and Neil MacAvoy
Molloy’s Springs Rentals
Michael Moylan

Kevin Mullin
Kay Newby
Tina and Stevan Patrick
Larry Peterman
Laura Pitchford
Posner-Wallace Foundation
Juan Raigoza
The Repp Family
Shelley and Bernard Ross
Martha Ryan
John Schrup
Susan Pringle Smith
Deke Sonnichsen
Richard Taylor
Mary Ann Teixeira
Michael Topper and Kimberly Freitas
Scott Van Tyle
Patricia Walsh


Christina Petersen Abright
Al Acena
David Amann
Virginia and Ragnar Anderson
Kristen Anderson
June Athnacio
Katherine and Bob Bedbury
Robert Berryman
Pat Black
John and Jeri Blatt
Marsha BonDurant
Teri Boucher
Catherine and Thomas Boyle
Megan Breslin
Scot T. Briggs
Theresa and Paul Brown
Kathleen Brown
John Brownfield
Maureen Buck
Margie Carrington
Raegene and Jack Castle
John and Greg Cattermole
Center-Line Construction Inc.
Chu Chang
Lynn Chou
Robert Taylor
John Clinton
Philip Clock
Patricia Connor and Linn Johnson
G. Bartley and Laurie Coulter
Warren Dale
Pam and Gary Dilley
Mary Ann Draeger
Pamela Estes
Roe Marie Ferrando
First Congregational Church
Richard Fitzloff
Kathie and Jerry Fosgett
Diane Frey
Thomas Friebel

Susan and Richard Galletta
Grace Ghiselli
Catherine and Roland Haga
John Hahesy
Krissy and Scott Haslam
Trynie Hermary
Joyce and William Hetts
Karen Hillhouse
Holland Car Care
Carol Johnson
Paul Jones
Diana and Steve Kadash
Nina and Keith Kadera
Doug Karlson
Eric Kastner
Clara Perez and Grant Keeler
Lisa and Richard Kelaita
Helen Kennedy
Robert Kirchgatter
Kathy Klebe
Geraldine Landers
Adrien Lanusse
Anahita and Rick LaTorra
Sue Lempert
Frances Liston
Ron Loiacono
Donna Losey
Linda Lyngso
Adrian and Noah Mallinger
James Mason
Liz Matchett
Grant Matthews
Michael Matthews
Marianne McCarthy
Paul McCarthy
Beverly Miller
Karen Moen
Kitty and Tom Mullooly
David Oakes
Kelly O’Connor
Diana Okamoto

Laura Peterhans
Donna Philips
Jennifer and Juergen Pfaff
Donna Philips
Aurora Pimentel
Scott Postel
Cheryl Ritchie
Ken Rolandelli
Elizabeth Rowan-Mitchell
Barbara Rucker
Lisa Sakaguchi
Scott Sakaguchi
Jane Samuel
San Andreas Lake Nsdar
Paul Scannell
Michael Schlitz
Ernest Schmidt
Seaport Industrial Association
Mary Shea
Carla Sillin
James Southward
John Stephenson
Marlene and Henry Stern
Gene Suarez
Brian Sullivan
Theresa Sullivan
Robin Ann Sutton
Mary and William Swing
Susan Swope
Wesley Taoka
Jason Ting
Jeffrey Ting
Mary Uccelli
June Uyenoyama
Cody Voellinger
John Ward
Gina Weiss
Abigail Wilder
Darlynne and Donald Wood
Ken Zemel


MJ Abbott
Teresa Anthony
Barbara and Walter Bankovich
Elizabeth and Jonathan Bissell
Barbara and Brenton Britschgi
Dolores and James Centis
Patricia Cereghino
John and Anne Chapman
Maria Chiappi
Amy Zentil Clifford
Christian Clifford
Maggie Coleman
Anne Crawford
Ken Crosetti
Lisa and Elquin Daza
Johnny de Boer
Keith and Anna De Brine
James Dehnert and Patricia Worthington
Mary Jane Dempsey
Joan Donovan

Anne Duncan
Julie Fellers
Carmela Glasgow
Irene and Bob Haas
Dennis Hansen
Gary Harm
Tom Heaton
Marie and Henry Hotz
Linda Irizarry
Kern Jewelers
MJ Kubota Arcarese
James Lee
Bob Lutticken
Chuck and Gayle Martin
Barrie and Walter Moore
Beth Mostovoy
Pauline and Myron Mostovoy
Mary and Glenn Nelson
Julia O’Leary
Frank Pagliaro
Anne and Bob Palu

Gari Patton
Peck and Peck Insurance
Jolly and Ron Perkocha
Frank Pirman
Anne and Jim Rogers
Karen Routt
David Schwartz
Kenneth Schwartz
Elizabeth Silva
Laura Smith
Josie and Michael Spanton
Judy Sullivan
Joan Townsend
Barbara Valley
Cara Vonk
Joseph Washington
James Water
Weil Eye Care Medical Center
Elizabeth Whitehead
Kathy Zmay