Annual Campaign

Preserving the Past, Building the Future

Funds raised from the Annual Campaign account for 33% of our annual budget. With it we can continue keeping our Museum, Woodside Store and Sanchez Adobe open to the public.  We can offer the education program at Folger Stable.  We can sustain our school tours, which reach an incredible 70% of all the elementary schools in San Mateo County.  We can maintain our irreplaceable collections, stage enriching history activities for the whole family, create changing displays at our Museum, publish our journal, La Peninsula, and act, in a general way, as the San Francisco Peninsula’s historian.  We have many important projects that will be taking shape during the year and in order to complete them in meaningful ways while maintaining our post-pandemic levels of program resurgence, we need your help.

The improvements we intend to make in the upcoming months are intended to vastly enhance the experience of visiting our San Mateo County History Museum and to grow our audience by a considerable amount.  Highlighting this work will be the construction of the 15,000 square-foot Taube Family Carriage House and Automobile Gallery, which will feature our significant carriage collection, to be put on permanent display for the first time.  A changing exhibit gallery will allow us to show famous area vehicle collections.  The upper floor will be a special events venue.

But this addition is not all.  We are also working on a new 2,000 square-foot Natural History Gallery featuring the remains of prehistoric animals of the Peninsula and the complete renovation of our Entrepreneurs Gallery into a new Innovators Who Changed the World Gallery.  All this work is intended to at least double our present attendance.

However exciting these projects are, their realization will be diminished if we cannot maintain our current programs.  We are finally getting our legs back and recapturing our old numerical attendance numbers from before COVID.  In order to sustain this positive trend, we need to have a successful Annual Campaign. Please be as generous as you can.

Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check or credit card, and may be paid in a lump sum or in installments. Company matching gift programs double your gift value. See if your company has such a program. For information on making a stock gift or a contribution from your Required Minimum Distribution, e-mail us at

Suggested Levels of Giving

Recognition on website
All of the Supporter benefits, plus:
• Day pass for a family of four to the History Museum
All of the Friend benefits, plus:
• Recognition in the Historical Happenings newsletter
• Membership to the History Museum for one year
All of the Benefactor benefits, plus:
• Discounts on renting the History Museum for private events
Golden Circle of Friends
All of the Historian benefits, plus:
• Recognition on a donor board at entrance of the History Museum
• Recognition in the Annual Report
• Exclusive invitation to the Golden Circle dinner
• Commemorative Gift
President's Roundtable
All of the Golden Circle benefits, plus:
• Sponsorship recognition on Exhibits / Children's Program / Adult Activities (to be arranged with staff)
Chairman's Roundtable
All of the President's Roundtable benefits, plus:
• Prominent Sponsorship recognition
$10,000 and Up

Contributors to 2022 Annual Campaign

SMCHA gives thanks to all of our contributors to the 2022 Annual Campaign. With your generous support, we are able to continue our mission and expand our service to the community.

Leadership Council

Leadership Council logos

Chairman’s Roundtable

Sandra McLellan Behling
The Callisto Fund
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
The Christensen Family Foundation
Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation

The Charles D. and Frances K. Field Fund
Olivia Martinez
Redwood General Tire
San Mateo Credit Union

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Arthur Stromberg Estate
Christine Williams
Kathryn Williams

President’s Roundtable

Sandra and Keith Bautista
Bear Gulch Foundation
Supervisor David Canepa
Chonita and Michael Cleary
Donna and Eric Colson
Concar Enterprises
Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle LLP

Florence D. Brown Fund
Joanie Herndon
Rupert Johnson
Karen and John LaTorra
Edward W. Littlefield, Jr.
Karen and George McCown
John B. Morey Family Fund
Toni Oyster

Michael and Paula Rantz Foundation
Sammut Family Foundation
Mary Alice Scott
Mark Simens
Joe Welch Family
G.W. Williams Foundation
W.L. Butler Construction

Golden Circle of Friends

Tom Ames
Architectural Resources Group
Karen Seiko Arimoto Peterson
Dani Gasparini and Alyn Beals
Michael Berube
Audrey and Richard Bojack
Borel Estate Company
Arthur Bredenbeck
Catherine Quist Brisbin
California Water Service
Roberta Carcione
Russ Castle
Cleary Security and Maintenance
Peggy and Jim Clifford
Frank Coltart
Shawn DeLuna
Peggy and Reid Dennis
Dostart Development Company
Kaia Eakin
Dee and Rich Eva
Ted and Lois Everett
Kenneth Fisher
Sherrilyn and Ken Fisher
T. Jack Foster
Cheryl and Greg Galli
The Hawkins Foundation

Kathy Heffernan
Heritage Bank
Jerry Hill
Elaine and Don Horsley
Stacey and Mark Jamison
Lane Partners
Susan Kay Lang
Sue Lempert
Joan Levy
Linda and Sid Liebes
Ellen Mallory
Joy and Rick Mayerson
Walter McCullough
Millbrae Square Company
Janine and Jon Miller
Alice Ames Morison
Bob Mullen
Nick’s Restaurant
Bill Nicolet
Bill Olds
Anne Oliva
Mike Paioni
Laura Peterhans
Ellen and Bill Peters
Donna Petersen
Suzanne and Charley Phelps

Barbara and Jerry Pierce
Cathy and Michael Podell
Port of Redwood City
Kristie and Mitch Postel
Putnam Mazda
Putnam Subaru
Catherine and Daniel Quigg
Miller Ream
Connie Ring
Adolph Rosekrans
Jim Ruane
Patrick Ryan
Safeway Foundation
San Mateo County Trial Lawyers Association
Michelle and Jim Sauger
Cynthia Schreurs
Al Schwoerer
John Shroyer
Virginia Siegman
Silberstein Family Foundation
Therese Smith
Colleen Tate
Jeffrey Ting and Winnie Koo
Jason Ting
Towne Ford
Patricia and Steve Way


Jennifer Acheson
Bae-Gem Properties
Judy Barton
Belle Haven Realty
Kelley Benetti, Coldwell Banker
Shelly Black
Carmen Blair
Elaine and Harry Breeze
Brentwood Finance Company
Laura Brinkman
David Canepa
Paul Carella
Flynn Carson
Phil Clock
Marcy Davey
Richard DeLuna
Ellie Ferrari
Rosanne Foust and Jim Hartnett

Elianne Frenkel-Popell
Jean and Ralph Garcia
Alexandra Gillen and Hartmut Koeppen
Carole Groom
Helene Hanneken
Charles Henderson
Kate Hoosac
Ruby Inouye
Wally Jansen
Mark Johnson
Katy and Dan Katzenberger
Kevin Kelly
Georgi La Berge
Tony LaTorra
Suzanne Legallet
Nancy Lund
Claire Mack
Janet McGovern

Molloy’s Spring Rentals
Bob Mullen
Vincent Muzzi
Ken Pellizzari
Mary and David Phillips
Misa Sakaguchi
Tom Slater
Bill Stronck
Blake Sullivan
Diane Talbert
Margaret Taylor
Thirty33 Legal
Frances and John Tornquist
James Wagner
Laura Watanuki


Daria Acker
Sue and Richard Alvarez
Nancy and Glenn Atkinson
Ian Bain
Frank Bartaldo
Chris Beth
David Bridgman
John Brownfield
The Carson Family
Greg Cattermole
Linda and John Chamberlain
Florence Chan
Virginia Chang Kiraly
Maggie Coleman
Trish and Dave Collins
Nancy and David Crabbe
Howard Crittenden
Gaye De Benedetti
Pat Dianda

Pam and Gary Dilley
Carol Dobberpuhl
John Draper
Astrid Flood
Robin Quist Gates
Ruth Gilroy
Bob Grassilli
Krissy and Scott Haslam
Carol Johnson
Kris Johnson
Daryl Jones
Ruth and Charles Kavanagh
Kenneth Klauber
Marquis Kuhn
Maria and Stephen Leaf
Janet Littlefield
Alisa MacAvoy
Margaret and Jamis MacNiven
Crystal Matye

Janet McGovern
Kathy Menna
Virginia and Robert Nurisso
Jodi and Dan Paley
Larry Peterman
Laura and Mark Pitchford
Joanna Privitera
Redwood City Woman’s Club
Shelley and Bernard Ross
Martha Ryan and Daniel McDonald
Sequoia Stamp Club
Susan Pringle Smith
Adrian Smith
Mary Ann Teixeira
Toni Vian
Patricia A. Walsh
George Yerby


Nicole and Jason Alger
Kate Ames
Parker Ames
Andrew Ames
Virginia Andersen
Deanne Baquera
Tara Benson
Betsy Bogel
Janet Borgens
Teresa Boucher
Robert and Nancy Brady
Megan Breslin
Judy Brooks
Maureen and Robert Buck
Karen Busch
David Byers
Jim and Dolores Centis
Chu Chang
Christian Clifford
John Clinton
Joseph Coleman
Andrew Coltart
Patricia Connor and Linn Johnson
Dona Cowan
Marisa Currier
Warren Dale
Joanne and Barry Daniels
Joan De Brine
Dehofff’s Key Market
Peter Drekmeier
Kimberly Dunn
Veronica Escamez
Bette Jo Fairclough
Ledu Federle
Janet Fee
Ron Fick
Kathie Fosgett
Kathie and Larry Fosgett
Bonnie Fox
Catherine Fraser

Karen and Jim Gernand
Mike Giari
Avani Gupta
John Hafner
John Hahesy
Francisca Larios Hansen
Kay and Michael Harris
David Hayashi
Trynie Hermary
William Hetts
Karen Hillhouse
Heather Hopkins
Marie Hotz
Diane Howard
Lisa Hsu
Song Jancaitis
Paul Jones
Diana Kadash
Nina and Keith Kadera
Jonathan Karesh
Lorianna Kastrop
Ann Keighran
James Kelly
Margaret Kemp
Andrew Kirmse
Barbara and William Kitagawa
Kathy Klebe
Rick LaTorra
Frances Liston
Carol and Ron Loiacono
Donna Losey
Andrea Lynn
Doug MacBlane
Gayle and Chuck Martin
Charles Martin
James Mason
James Mason
Marianne McCarthy
Walter Moore
Beth Mostovoy

Kelly O’Connor
Steve Patrick
Sylvia Payne
Peninsula Hills Women’s Club
Clara Perez
Brian Perkins
Jennifer and Juergen Pfaff
Donna Phillips
Joanna Privitera
Nancy Radcliffe
Diana Reddy
Margaret Renn
Kenneth Rolandelli
Jack Roudebush
Barbara Rucker
Lisa Sakaguchi
Michael Scanlon
John Schrup
Christiane Marie Schulz
Joanna Semones
Carla Sillin
Jean and James Southward
Marlene and Harry Stern
Theresa and Ray Sullivan
Susan and Kenneth Sutherland
Takahashi Market
Wesley Taoka
Polly Hoover Taylor
Thyra Tegner
Kym Teppo and Lars Teppo
Mary and George Uccelli
Abby Wilder
Darlynne Wood
Patricia Worthington and James Dehnert
Helen Yoshi
Kathy Zmay


Darlene Adrian
Peter Allen
Teresa and Bruce Anthony
June Athanacio
Gisela Bailin
Walter Bankovitch
Marsha BonDurant
William Casey and Pamela Mills
Dan Caulfield
Patricia Cereghino
John Chapma
Amy and James Clifford
Nina Cornil
Laura Cox
Ken Crosetti
Simms Duncan
Karyl Eldridge

Marian Faber
Caroline Feierbach
Becket Feierbach
James Garcia
Joanne and Peter Garrison
Patrick Gilbride
Steve Hibshman
June Hipschen
Janet Hooper
Jocelyn Howard
Linda Irizarry
Meredith Kasayan
Mary Jo Kubota-Arcarese
Thalia Lubin
Ana and Manuel Lucas
Lisa and Gary Madden
Richard Mainz
Margaret Marshall

Lauren McNall
Jack Moore
Kathy Muna
Vickie Nelson
Frank Pagliaro
Frank Pagliaro
Lori Palomares
Erika and Eduardo Pretell
Renette Robillard
Anne Rogers
Roberta Smith
Kate Stillman
Judy Sullivan
Joseph Washington
James Water
Roberta Woo