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Funds raised from the Annual Campaign account for 33% of our annual budget. With it we can continue keeping our Museum, Woodside Store and Sanchez Adobe open to the public.  We can offer the education program at Folger Stable.  We can sustain our school tours, which reach an incredible 70% of all the elementary schools in San Mateo County.  We can maintain our irreplaceable collections, stage enriching history activities for the whole family, create changing displays at our Museum, publish our journal, La Peninsula, and act, in a general way, as the San Francisco Peninsula’s historian.

Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check or credit card and may be paid in a lump sum or in installments. Company matching gift programs double your gift value. See if your company has such a program. For information on making a stock gift or a contribution from your Required Minimum Distribution, e-mail us at The San Mateo County Historical Association is poised to make significant leaps forward in 2024. Over the last several years it has been planning and raising money for major improvements to its San Mateo County History Museum and historic sites. This fiscal year it will open a new Innovators Who Changed the World Gallery–a huge milestone for its improvement program.

The Innovators exhibit will allow the History Museum to take a fresh look at the amazing array of advances brought forward by local people. From those like Sadakusa Enomoto, who revolutionized the nation’s flower industry, to captains of finance, like branch banking visionary A.P. Giannini, to high tech geniuses like Gordon Moore, the Pescadero boy who is 1965 made a prediction in Electronics magazine that became known as Moore’s Law, the guiding principle for the computer industry, innovators from San Mateo County have had an extraordinary impact on today’s world. Through interactive displays, such as an electronic timeline, the History Museum will tell incredible stories of achievement.

Following the opening of the Innovators exhibit, in about 24 months, we will cut the ribbon on the Taube Family Carriage House and Automobile Gallery, and about the same time we will debut a new gallery depicting the prehistoric San Francisco Peninsula.

However exciting these projects are, their realization will be diminished if we cannot maintain our current programs.

Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check or credit card, and may be paid in a lump sum or in installments. Company matching gift programs double your gift value. See if your company has such a program. For information on making a stock gift or a contribution from your Required Minimum Distribution, e-mail us at

Suggested Levels of Giving

Recognition on website
All of the Supporter benefits, plus:
• Day pass for a family of four to the History Museum
All of the Friend benefits, plus:
• Recognition in the Historical Happenings newsletter
• Membership to the History Museum for one year
All of the Benefactor benefits, plus:
• Discounts on renting the History Museum for private events
Golden Circle of Friends
All of the Historian benefits, plus:
• Recognition on a donor board at entrance of the History Museum
• Recognition in the Annual Report
• Exclusive invitation to the Golden Circle dinner
• Commemorative Gift
President's Roundtable
All of the Golden Circle benefits, plus:
• Sponsorship recognition on Exhibits / Children's Program / Adult Activities (to be arranged with staff)
Chairman's Roundtable
All of the President's Roundtable benefits, plus:
• Prominent Sponsorship recognition
$10,000 and Up

Contributors to 2023 Annual Campaign

SMCHA gives thanks to all of our contributors to the 2023 Annual Campaign. With your generous support, we are able to continue our mission and expand our service to the community.

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