In honor of the 168th birthday of San Mateo County, the Historical Association will hold the fourth annual “Happy San Mateo County Day.” The theme of this year’s birthday party is the 1940s. The event will feature craft activities and games of the era.

Image: San Mateo scrap drive during World War II.
Two Women Carrying Scrap during World War II
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Poster Contest

In preparation for Happy San Mateo County Day, the Historical Association will be sponsoring a poster contest. Poster submissions will reflect life in San Mateo County in the 1940s from industry and inventions to fashion and local events. The best known events of the era relate to World War II, so posters could depict wartime activities including scrap drives, victory gardens, military training facilities or industries such as the ship yards of South San Francisco.

The posters must be original, two-dimensional designs. Posters must be submitted by April 16 at 4 p.m.

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