Courtroom A

Photo by Jerry Pierce

A Higher Calling by John Aiello book cover

Hold your own mock trial in San Mateo County’s oldest existing courtroom.

Courtroom A interior with stained glass dome at the San Mateo County History Museum

Courtroom A served as an active courtroom for nearly 90 years.

W hen Courtroom A opened in 1910, it was the only Superior Court in San Mateo County. A variety of cases were heard here, from inheritance and insurance cases to traffic court. While trials have not occurred here since 1998, it is occasionally used for ceremonial court events such as the swearing in of new judges.

Portrait of Judge Sandra Day O Connor

Courtroom A’s First Judge

Judge George Buck painting detail by Ian Bain

Superior Court Judge, George Buck. Painting by Ian Bain.

After moving to California, George Buck organized a law practice with an impressive clientele. He served as San Mateo County’s district attorney for eight years. As the sole superior court judge for 42 years (1890-1932), he heard an estimated 20,000 cases. One of the founders of the San Mateo County Bar Association, Buck was elected its first president in 1916.

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