San Mateo County Entrepreneurs

Who Changed the World

Entrepreneurs exhibit at San Mateo County History Museum

The exhibit chronicles some of the entrepreneurs who made San Mateo County known around the world for advances in such fields as finance, high tech, and biotech.

Visitors view the exhibit History Makers at the San Mateo County History Museum

The exhibit highlights the stories of entrepreneurs who lived or worked in San Mateo County.

T he work of business leaders in San Mateo County has changed our daily life – from innovations that make banking more accessible to microchips that speed communications to advances in medicine.

History Museum Quiz

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After the 1906 Earthquake, banker A.P. Giannini:

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Gianni hid the bank’s money in his San Mateo home’s fireplace when fire threatened the bank. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Bank of Italy gave many loans based on a handshake.

Alexander Poniatoff’s Ampex won an Emmy in 1957 for:

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Ampex invented the first videotape recorder in 1956.

Thomas Fogarty invented the balloon embolectomy catheter to:

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A surgeon, Dr. Fogarty invented the balloon embolectomy catheter to safely remove arterial blood clots.

Gordon Moore made a prediction that became known as “Moore’s Law.” He predicted:

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Moore’s Law indicates that overall processing power for computers will double every 2 years.

Headquartered in Redwood City, Steve Jobs’ company introduced what product in the late 1980s?

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Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985 and founded NeXT, Inc. which introduced the NeXT computer.

San Mateo County History Makers Quiz
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