Nature's Bounty

The Natural Resources that Built San Francisco

Fresh water, redwood, abalone, and rich soil are among the many natural resources of the Peninsula. From the Ohlone to the Americans, people have used the area’s many natural resources to support their daily life. The exhibit highlights how the Peninsula’s natural resources supported the development of San Francisco, the most important city in the West in the mid-nineteenth century.

Touching History

History comes alive through hands-on activities.

  • Using a pump drill to make shell beads.
  • Play the staves game.
  • Weave wool on a loom.
  • Test your Bayside knowledge with an ipad quiz.
  • Map natural resources.
  • "Build" the Crystal Springs Dam.
People Who Used the Resources

The Ohlone: The local Native Americans were
hunters and gathers.
The Spanish: Early settlers established farms to
support Mission Dolores.
The Mexicans: Ranch owners raised cattle for their
hides and tallow.
The Americans: After the Gold Rush, Americans
used local resources to develop San Francisco.