• Photo of Grant Washburn by Ed Grant.


Just off the coast at Pillar Point near Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County is Maverick’s -- where 40-feet high thunderous waves draw the best big-wave surfers from all over the world. The exhibit showcases the history of Maverick's, a glossary of surfing terms, videos of surfers riding the Maverick's and some "memorable" quotes.


The highlight of the Maverick’s exhibit is the Waverider, a multi-sensory game interface where daring visitors can take a virtual ride …or wipe-out. Located inside the barrel of the wave, visitors stand on a surfboard and ride a virtual wave. Sensors within the board measure balance and stance, giving a live reaction on a large screen. A successful ride takes the visitor past Maverick’s infamous rocks and toward a cheering crowd on shore.

40-Foot Wave

Step on a surf board and look out the second floor window of the exhibit to the plaza below. You are standing about 40 feet above the ground, the height of waves at Maverick's.

Left: View of Courthouse Square from the surfboard.