Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame

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Cover of Cradle of Champions by John Horgan featuring images of athletes within a map of San Mateo County

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A young John Madden in a high school photograph of him playing basketball

Do you know the identity of this Jefferson High School athlete?

World-class athletes have trained and competed in San Mateo County. In the Upper Rotunda and Hallways, the Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame features plaques with pictures and information about each athlete inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame was started by the San Mateo Times.  It is now presented by the San Mateo County Historical Association.  A ceremony to induct new athletes into the Hall of Fame is held each spring.

2023 Inductees

David Bakhtiari, Football

Nicole Quigley-Borg, Softball

Horace Hinshaw, Special Category

Mike Lewis, Track and Field

Eddie Mack, Track and Field

Maddy Price, Track and Field

2022 Inductees

Donovan Blythe, Basketball

Liz Bruno, Basketball

Ron DiMaggio, Track and Field

Chris Dorst, Water Polo

Scott Feldman, Baseball

Helen Lengfeld, Golf

2019 Inductees

Nicole Carroll Lewis, Track and Field

Pat Lewis, Track and Field

Gino Della Libera, Football

Eric Reveno, Basketball

Tod Spieker, Swimming

John Ward, Special Category

2018 Inductees

Isaac Carson, Track and Field

Caroline “KK” Clark, Water Polo

Jack Daniels, Track and Field

Julian Edelman, Football

Jeremy Lin, Basketball

Julie Middleton, Track and Field

Larry Owens, Football

Bill Shine, Tennis

Archie Williams, Track and Field

2017 Inductees

Richard “Rink” Babka, Track and Field

Earl Hanson, Football

Gary Hughes, Baseball Scout

Chioma Igwe, Soccer

Ray Looze, Swimming

Nick Pappageorge, Basketball

Jimmy Pryor, Football/Basketball

Adam Tafralis, Football

Jerry Wilkinson, Football

2016 Inductees

Jenny Circle, Basketball

Tom Dooley, Race-Walking

Bill Green, Track and Field

John Horgan, Special Category

Bob Keropian, Special Category

Randy Metheany, Softball

Christy McCoy Hjelm, Softball

Bob Rush, Track and Field

Bryan Thomasson, Basketball

Sid Williams, Basketball

2015 Inductees

Ryan Boschetti, Football

Bill Daskarolis, Track and Field

Debbie Dyson, Basketball

Sara Fulp Allen, Wrestling

Chi Johnson, Track and Field

Doc Scheppler, Basketball

Craig Schoof, Baseball

Dave and Mark Schultz, Wrestling

Peter V. Ueberroth, Special Category

2014 Inductees

Brett Barron, Wrestling

Leo Biedermann, Football

Jennifer Bloom Creinin, Gymnastics

Peter Diepenbrock, Basketball

Valerie Fleming, Sledding

Jim Gaughran, Swimming/Water Polo

Jabari Issa, Football

Archie Milton, Boxing

Paul Pickett, Basketball

Terry Stogner, Basketball

2013 Inductees

Gayle Dean Andaluz, Softball

Randy Gomez, Football/Baseball

Selena Ho, Basketball

Jim Honeywell, Football

Ernest “Mel” Moore, Football

Sam Nicolopulos, Football

Bill Royer, Baseball/Basketball

Drew Shiller, Football/Basketball

Ted Tollner, Football

Jim Zylker, Soccer

2012 Inductees

Chuck Bradley, Football

Nancy Dinges, Basketball

Jim Harbaugh, Football

Charles Lowery, Basketball

Katie May, Softball

Edwin Mulitalo, Football

Paul Noce, Baseball

Mark Reischling, Officiating

Warren “Locomotive” Smith, Football

Erica Reynolds Woliczko, Softball

2011 Inductees

Spencer Folau, Football

Jim Loscutoff, Basketball

Frank Mangiola, Soccer

Ed Montague, Officiating

Bill Neukom, Baseball

Tori Nyberg, Softball

Jim Soden, Basketball

Mike Solari, Football

Jim Whitney, Football

Haley Woods, Softball

2008 Inductees

Eric Byrnes, Baseball

Elizabeth Rizzo Covey, Basketball

Con Dempsey, Baseball

Steve Picchi, Basketball

Bill Gray, Football

Don Harper, Diving

Pete Jensen, Baseball

Milky Johnson, Basketball

Jennifer Horgan Nieto, Softball/Basketball

Arron Oberholser, Golf

Jacklyn O’Connor, Basketball

2007 Inductees

Mimi Arnold, Tennis

Dave Binn, Football

Rich Bordi, Baseball

Cindy Galarza, Basketball

Walt Gilliam, Golf

Marty Hull, Swimming

Ben Parks, Football

Steve Shafer, Football

Mark Speckman, Football

Gloria Smith Corey, Basketball

2006 Inductees

Bob Adams, Football

Terry Christman, Baseball

Keith Comstock, Baseball

Patty Elsener Homan, Diving

Marte Formico, Football

Rudy Law, Baseball

Sammy Reynoso, Special Category

Peter Tuipulotu, Football

Kim Terrell, Bowling

Bill Wilkin, Basketball

2005 Inductees

Clyde Devine, Swimming

Jan Dukes, Baseball

Pat Lovell, Wrestling

John Moreno, Track and Field

Dave Olerich, Football

John Radetich, Track and Field

Kim Schnurpfeil Griffin, Track and Field

Mark Walen, Football

“Pokey” Watson Richardson, Swimming

2004 Inductees

Don Delbon, Basketball

Linda Gates, Tennis

Lars Jensen, Wrestling

Mike Mitchell, Basketball

Harold Reynolds, Baseball

Renee Robinson, Basketball

Dick Sharon, Baseball

Al Terremere, Football

Britt Williams, Football

Plato Yanicks, Track and Field

2003 Inductees

Andy Banachowski, Volleyball

Tom Brady, Football

Joe Fena, Football

Mike Garcia, Baseball

Beatrice Godoy, Basketball

Jim Kauffman, Football

Bob Melvin, Baseball

Robin Petrini, Softball

Rich Schlenker, Baseball Scout

2002 Inductees

Bud Bresnahan, Basketball

John Caselli, Football/Basketball

Jeff Clark, Big Wave Surfing

Alexis Felts, Basketball

Don Gile, Baseball

Matt Giusto, Track and Field

Loren Lansberry, Track and Field

Derek Loville, Football

Bob Lualhati, Track and Field

Tom McBreen, Swimming

Carol Riche, Basketball

2001 Inductees

Bob Andersen, Special Category

Paul Cayard, Yacht Racing

Walt Harris, Football

Jan Henne, Swimming

Karen Kraft, Rowing

Simi Lee, Special Category

Vic Mangini, Special Category

Bruce Van Alstyne, Football

Byron Van Alstyne, Basketball

John Wetteland, Baseball

2000 Inductees

Fred Baer, Special Category

Kevin Bass, Baseball

Russell Baze, Horse Racing

Denise Bilbaeno, Volleyball

Bill Byrne, Football

Ed Cereghino, Baseball

Bob Milano, Baseball

Ed Parker, Track and Field

Pete Pontacq, Basketball

Anne Warner Cribbs, Swimming

1999 Inductees

Moises Alou, Baseball

Jeff Atkinson, Polo

Maureen Brady, Softball

Colette Chiamparino, Basketball

Neal Dahlen, Football

Danny Frisella, Baseball

Tony Giammona, Basketball

Joe Greenbach, Basketball

Jim Liggett, Softball

Carl “Berny” Wagner, Track and Field

1998 Inductees

Lee Allen, Wrestling

Tim Cullen, Baseball

Deanna Earsley, Softball

Alonzo Emery, Football

Jimmy Johnson, Basketball

Naomi Patridge, Softball

Buz Williams, Football

Rod Williams, Basketball

Homer Zugelder, Basketball

1997 Inductees

Greg Buckingham, Swimming

Mike Ciardella, Basketball

Catriona Fallon, Rowing

Kevin Gogan, Football

Gregg Jefferies, Baseball

Juliane McNamara Zeile, Gymnastics

Jon Miller, Special Category

Tony Plummer, Football

Vern Sterling, Football

1996 Inductees

Karen Athanacio, Softball

Bob Berry, Football

Bob Brian, Baseball

Jesse Freitas, Football

Jesse Freitas II, Football

Ed Kertel, Football

Bob McClure, Baseball

Alfred “Red” Morton, Special Category

Kate Paye, Basketball

Les Steers, Track and Field

Ken Towns, Golf

1995 Inductees

Barb Beainy, Basketball

Wally Bunker, Baseball

Willy Cahill, Martial Arts

Tyreese Knox, Football

Leslie Maxie, Track and Field

Rich Morales, Baseball

Mike Orlich, Basketball

Bob Peterson, Basketball

Tom Scott, Football

Ray Solari, Football

1994 Inductees

George Archer, Golf

Ray DeJong, Football

Justin Fitzgerald, Baseball

Diana and Lisa Gee, Table Tennis

Greg Jones, Football

Diane Kalliam, Softball

Rich Koeper, Football

Glen Smith, Special Category

Bob Wendell, Basketball

1993 Inductees

Jack Bluth, Special Category

Reggie Camp, Football

Trish King, Track and Field

Tom Martinez, Multi-Sport

Phil Monahan, Football

Dean Prince, Golf

Ken Reitz, Baseball

Dick Stuart, Baseball

Bill Walsh, Football

Pam Wimberley, Basketball

1992 Inductees

Barry Bonds, Baseball

Don Bunce, Football

Len Casanova, Football

Clyde Connor, Football

Joe Marvin, Football

Bud Presley, Basketball

Bill Ring, Football

Ann Stluka, Volleyball

Gregg Tafralis, Track and Field

Ray and Zada Taft, Swimming

Nick Vanos, Basketball

1991 Inductees

Nate Branch, Basketball

Tony Campagno, Football

Bill and Bucky Kahler, Baseball/Football

Ray Lunny, Boxing

Bob Murphy, Special Category

John Noce, Baseball

John Paye, Basketball/Football

Ted and Terri Stickles, Swimming

Bob Svihus, Football

1990 Inductees

Wendy Brown, Track and Field

Jim Fregosi, Baseball

Bill Hardwick, Bowling

Keith Hernandez, Baseball

Rich Kelley, Basketball

Ralph Neves, Horse Racing

Dick Roth, Swimming

Debi Thomas, Ice Skating

Eric Van Dillen, Tennis

Dick Vermeil, Football

1989 Inductees

Gary Beban, Football

Pat Daniels Connolly, Track and Field

Ben Eastman, Track and Field

Charles Johnson, Basketball

Ann Kiyomura, Tennis

John Madden, Football

Don Mossi, Baseball

John Naber, Swimming

John Robinson, Football

Lynn Swann, Football