Above photo: Grant Washburn surfing Maverick’s, photo by Ed Grant.

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Explore what makes Maverick’s an internationally-known surfing spot.

Mavericks exhibition at the San Mateo County History Museum

J ust off the coast at Pillar Point near Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County is Maverick’s — where 40-feet high thunderous waves draw the best big-wave surfers from all over the world. The exhibit showcases the history of Maverick’s, a glossary of surfing terms and an interview with a surfer who dared to ride it.

View of square in front of the San Mateo County History Museum from the Mavericks exhibit


A young boy rides the WaveRider at the Mavericks exhibit at the San Mateo County History Museum

Catch a virtual wave on the WaveRider without having to brave the chilly Pacific!

The highlight of the Maverick’s exhibit is the Waverider, a multi-sensory game interface where daring visitors can take a virtual ride …or wipe-out. Located inside the barrel of the wave, visitors stand on a surfboard and ride a virtual wave. Sensors within the board measure balance and stance, giving a live reaction on a large screen. A successful ride takes the visitor past Maverick’s infamous rocks and toward a cheering crowd on shore.

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The surf spot was named after:

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Surfer Alex Matienzo unsuccessfully attempted to surf the spot in 1961 with friends. They named it after Matienzo’s dog, a German shepherd named Maverick.

The first person to successfully surf Maverick’s.

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Raised in Half Moon Bay, Jeff Clark first surfed Maverick’s in 1975. For 15 years, he rode Maverick’s by himself. He is in the Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame.

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