Due to COVID-19, individuals and organizations throughout San Mateo County created online Victorian Days Walking Tours in 2020 and 2021.  The online tours are meant to be an introduction to local historic sites.

Burlingame 11:03

Burlingame was once home to a well-known and lucrative horse breeding operation, as well as one of the nation’s best polo fields. Both were located where Burlingame High School now sits. Join us in this eleven- minute video, Horsing Around Burlingame, where we explore Burlingame’s equestrian past.

For more information, visit the Burlingame Historical Society websiteFacebook or YouTube channel.

Colma 15:39

“A Taste of the Colma Historical Museum” video gives you some of the highlights of each of the main museum’s rooms – entrance, history room, library, early Colma home room, cemetery room, police and fire district exhibits. We hope this will entice you to put the museum on your list of places to visit. The Colma Historical Association plans to reopen in early 2022.

For more information, visit the Colma Historical Association website.

Cypress Lawn 17:21

Join us for the saga of two great San Francisco and Cypress Lawn families  – de Young & Spreckels – and their tumultuous and tragic connection.

For more information about Cypress Lawn, visit www.cypresslawnheritagefoundation.org.

Folger Stable 13:04

During an online tour of the Folger Carriage Room Museum at Wunderlich Park, learn about our exhibits on the history of the Folger Coffee company, the agricultural uses of the property prior to the Great Estates era and the and the influence of horses to the American West and Woodside history.

For more information about the Folger Stable, visit the Friends of Huddart and Wunderlich Parks website and YouTube channel.

Menlo Park  22:10

The Menlo Park Historical Association’s tour highlights five religious structures, miles apart in Menlo Park, all dating in one way or another from the 1880s. As well as places of worship, the churches and the history of the town are forever intertwined.

For more information about the Menlo Park Historical Association, please visit their website.

Menlo Park  26:53

The Menlo Park Historical Association presents an online tour of Holy Cross Cemetery in Menlo Park. Created for the town in the 1860s, it was acquired by the Church of the Nativity in 1883.  Based on Holy Cross’s early founding, plots within tell of the area’s earliest history, including that of Mayfield, an early town on El Camino Real that was later annexed into Palo Alto.

For more information about the Menlo Park Historical Association, please visit their website.

Millbrae 17:45

Join the Millbrae Historical Society for an online walking tour of historic sites of Millbrae, including the oldest house in Millbrae and the Millbrae Train Museum at the former Southern Pacific Depot.

For more information about the Millbrae Historical Society, visit their website.

Pescadero 16:10

Greg Timm, Pescadero historian, takes a new approach for this virtual walking tour, pulling out rarely seen historical town photos, and telling the history of Pescadero’s years From Buggy to Automobile.

For more information, contact Grig Timm.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse 33:53

Come learn the story of Pigeon Point on this virtual tour of the light station. We will highlight various locations on the grounds of the park while we tell Pigeon Point’s story of tragedy, hope, and innovation.

For more information on Pigeon Point, visit their websiteFacebook or Instagram.

Redwood City 16:23

Learn about Wellesley Park, the first exclusive neighborhood in Redwood City that was a starry-eyed dreamer’s vision backed by prominent professionals from San Francisco. During the online tour, see what remains of this planned community that welcomed home owners with a huge iron gate topped by a stag. Follow the path of homes that vary in architecture as much as the famous personalities that owned them.  Created by the Redwood City Historic Resources Advisory Committee.

San Bruno 17:10

Join San Mateo County Historical Association President Mitch Postel in an exploration of San Bruno’s historic business district. Starting at the intersection of San Mateo Avenue and El Camino, the online tour includes the original EIMAC building where vacuum tubes were produced for broadcast and radar transmitters during World War II. The tour will feature a stop at the Welch Family’s private slot machine collection, a rare treat in itself.

San Carlos 11:50

The San Carlos Heritage Association presents this abbreviated virtual tour of some historical sites in San Carlos. In the future, join our full tour see and hear more, especially the colorful stories!

For more information about the San Carlos Heritage Association, contact them.

San Mateo 7:16

Join San Mateo County Historical Association President Mitch Postel on an online tour of downtown Mateo. Starting with the historic Benjamin Franklin Hotel (44 E. Third Avenue), the tour will include the Medical Arts Building, railroad-era businesses on B Street and St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church