Growth and Conflict

Growing Nation, Changing County

Travel through San Mateo County history to see the growth and conflict of the nation reflected at the county level. Stagecoaches, railways, streetcars and the highway systems laid the framework for our cities. New cities brought immigrants from around the world. New people contributed to the economic growth and political development of our communities. The response to the immigrants was often prejudicial. Come learn about growth, conflict and corruption in the county's history during a tour of the Journey to Work and Land of Opportunity exhibits.

  • Geared to eighth graders.
  • History-Social Science Content Standards: 8.12.
  • 1.5-hour program (allow more time for a large class size).
  • Available by arrangement.
  • 2020-2021: The cost is $78 per class. If your class has more than 30 students, we require an additional $6 fee for each student over 30. Fees apply to one class per program.