General School Tour

Explore local history from the time of original Native American residents to today. The tour includes highlights of the History Museum's long-term exhibits. Arrangements can be made prior to the tour if there are specific exhibits or themes the organizer wants to highlight.

Special Focus General Tours

Prior to the tour, teachers can select a special focus general tour.

Pre-School Ohlone Focus
Listen to an Ohlone story and play a California Native American game in Nature's Bounty. Then, explore a few other exhibits.  Limit one class per program.

Playing in the Past
Listen to a story and do a related craft activity. Then, explore a museum exhibit connected to the story. Intended for young students. Limit one class per program.

My Museum
Students explore why items are in the museum and how they are displayed. Intended for students creating a museum in their classroom.  Limit one class per program.

  • Available for pre-school to high school classes and after-school groups.
  • 1-1.5 hour tour.
  • Available on Tuesdays-Saturdays.
  • Ohlone activities from Providing Plenty and cultural activities from People from Many Places are not included in the general school tour.
  • One chaperone per every five students is required.
  • The cost varies depending on number of participants.