• Photo: Audrey Luke

Family Past Times

Maritime Day

Part of the STEAM Fest 2.0, the 12th Annual Maritime Day at the History Museum celebrates the Charles Parsons' Ships of the World exhibit.

Hands-On Activities

From 11 a.m.-3 p.m., learn about local maritime history as you participate in craft activities.

  • Build your own model ship: In the early 1850s, ships were one of the best ways to get to California.
  • Make a lighthouse: In the 1850s, the California coastline was very dangerous for mariners. California lighthouses were built at the most dangerous points, protecting both passengers and cargo.
  • Tie Knots: Learn knots used on ships.
  • Signal Flags: Learn about signal flags. The International Code of Signals was first adopted in 1855 as a means of maritime communication.
  • Make a nautical bracelet: Beginning first as a pastime, sailors fashioned bracelets from excess rope found on their ships. Soon, it became an opportunity for them to showcase their craftsmanship.
  • Make a compass rose: Learn how sailors navigated.
Family Past Times

A Family Past Times is a fun-filled exploration of history featuring arts, crafts and hands-on demonstrations at the History Musem.