• Woodside Store

    Mathias Parkhurst and Dr. Robert Tripp built the Woodside Store in 1854. Today, it is a San Mateo County Park operated by the San Mateo County Historical Association.

  • School Program

    During the school program, students experience life in the 1880s as they wash clothes, saw wood, make a shingle and act as storekeeper.

  • Old Woodside Store Day

    In May, take a trip to the 1880s during Old Woodside Store Day. Saw wood, twine rope, make rag dolls and participate in old-time contests.

  • General Store

    The Woodside Store operated as a general store, post office and community center until 1909.

    Berry picking party, c. 1890s

  • Volunteers Needed

    Volunteers operate the Woodside Store on Sundays. Join the team during Docent Training.

Woodside Store


School Programs feature hands-on activities. They are given to school or homeschool groups only.

General tours for non-school groups do not feature hands-on activities. Contact the store to schedule a tour.  

Site History

Loggers were the first customers at the Woodside Store. Discover the importance of logging to the development of the area.