Traveling Trunks

Make your classroom come to life with primary source documents and reproductions of items from the Historical Association’s archives. There are four thematic trunks.

Ohlone Trunk

Grind acorns with a mortar and pestle, feel animal skins and play a game of chance. The trunk includes maps, photographs, music, a video, and resource books.

Immigrants Trunk

This traveling trunks explores the different immigrant groups who came to San Mateo County through photographs, maps, resource books and immigrant stories.

Gold! 1848-1849 Backpack

Strike it rich! Explore the gold fields through the journal of W.D.M. Howard, a San Mateo County resident. The “Miner’s Backpack” also includes gold pans, newspapers, letters, and photographs.

Turn of the Century, c. 1900 Trunk

Use an iron, wear a paper collar, and make your own stereoviews for the stereoscope. The suitcase features photographs, newspapers, and journal reproductions.

  • Available from the History Museum.
  • Curriculum guides geared for third and fourth grades.
  • Trunk $40 for a calendar month, Backpack $20 for a calendar month.