• Getting from Here to There

    Ride in a stagecoach as you experience early forms of transportation. A program for first and second grade at the History Museum .

  • People from Many Places

    Explore the traditions of immigrants to the Peninsula. A hands-on program for third and fourth grade at the History Museum.

  • Providing Plenty

    Discover how early people used natural resources. An interactive program for third and fourth grade at the History Museum.

  • Folger Stable

    Folger Stable's school program explores the use of land from the Ohlone to the Great Estates. For third and fourth grade.

  • Sanchez Adobe School Program

    Sanchez Adobe's school program explores life on a Mexican rancho. For fourth grade.

  • Woodside Store School Program

    Woodside Store's school program steps into the 1880s. For third and fourth grade.

School Programs

Online Registration

Registration opens April 15* for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please use the online registration forms:

History Museum
Sanchez Adobe
Woodside Store
Folger Stable
Traveling Trunks

*At the county park sites (Sanchez Adobe, Woodside Store and Folger Stable), registration for out-of-county schools starts on May 1, 2020.

Historic Site Programs

Historic Sites:
Folger Stable in Woodside
Sanchez Adobe in Pacifica
Woodside Store in Woodside


Bring history to life in your classroom with traveling trunks.

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