Rental Pricing at the History Museum

Rental Pricing by Location & Time

Entire Courthouse, $4,600 for 4-8 hrs
First Floor Rotunda Only, $3,460 for 4-8 hrs
Catering Kitchen (applies to First Floor Rental Only), $445.50 for 4-8 hrs
2nd Floor Rotunda & Courtroom A, $3,460 for 4-8 hrs
Exhibit Galleries Open, $560 for 2 hrs only
Atkinson Meeting Room After Hours, $320/hr with 2-hr min.
Atkinson Meeting Room 8 am-5 pm, $150/hr with 2-hr min.
Courtroom A Only, $435/hr with 2-hr min.
Janitorial Service, $440
Filming/Photo Shoot, $430/hr with 2-hr min.
Wedding Ceremony Only, $850

Additional Fees

For groups over 200 add $300.
Furniture moving for Courtroom A add $250.
Dinner table rental is $10 each. Round tables seat 8-10. The maximum capacity for a sit down dinner is 170.
Security Service add $37 per guard/per hour with a 4-hr min. One guard per 100 guests.
Use of A-V system in Courtroom A add $200.
Outside catering fee (not on approved vendor list) add $785.

Full Service coordination available add 15%. 


Photo courtesy of Richard Mayer Photography.