Getting from Here to There

Early Forms of Transportation

What was it like to travel a long time ago? Students explore the changes in transportation as they experience a bumpy ride in a stagecoach, listen to a railroad story, and "drive" a streetcar in the Journey to Work exhibit. Then, they see ships that sailed San Francisco Bay in the Ships of the World exhibit.

  • Geared to first and second graders.
  • History-Social Science Content Standards: 1.4 and 2.1.
  • This 1.5 hour program is available at the History Museum.
  • Available on Tuesdays-Fridays.
  • One chaperone per every five students is required.
  • 2018-2019: The cost is $85 for up to 30 students. Fee applies to one class per program.
Double Program Option

Due to the size of the galleries, the regular Getting from Here to There program is limited to one class per program. In the double program option, the program is extended to 2 hours. The activity hour includes more time spent in the Ships of the World exhibit and the students making their own model ships. One class will start with the regular tour and the other class with the ships activity. The classes switch places for the second hour. Each class is charged $99 for up to 30 students. Please note, some teachers find the additional segment too long for their students' attention span.