Dr. Stanger Legacy Society

Leave Your Legacy

Many of our supporters have included the Association in their wills or trusts. Their gifts, and yours should you choose to join them, strengthens the Association so that it can continue to excite and educate Bay Area residents through understanding, preserving and interpreting the history of San Mateo County. We are especially grateful to you for a gift through your will or trust, setting up a life income plan, or some other type of legacy gift. We’ll recognize your commitment by inviting you to join our Dr. Stanger Legacy Society. We recognize Society members in several ways:

  • You will receive invitations to annual Dr. Stanger Legacy Society events.
  • You will be acknowledged in publications including our annual report.

When you step forward, others are encouraged to do the same. You may choose to remain anonymous.

Legacy Gift Through Your Will or Trust

Your charitable bequest is the most important type of gift for building San Mateo County Historical Association’s future. When received, your bequest will be entered into its books and records as a gift to our endowment. It will be put to use serving the objectives and purposes of the Association.

There are several types of bequests for you to consider.

  • Percentage is most flexible because it allows your gift to appreciate in your will no matter what asset is used.
  • A specific bequest of an asset such as a retirement plan results in no income taxes paid on the plan by your estate.
  • Residual bequests are often made after remembering relatives and friends, and usually in combination with a percentage bequest.

When you place any of these types of bequest in your will or living trust and notify the Association, we will invite you to become a member of the Dr. Stanger Legacy Society. If you are considering a restriction we encourage dialogue now to ensure that your wishes are met.

Legacy Gifts

The vast majority of legacy gifts are made by bequest through a will or trust. You can also make a life income gift that provides you a steady stream of revenue, offers significant tax advantage, and ultimately benefits the Association.

Many different types of assets, in addition to cash, can be used to make a legacy gift. We encourage you to work with your professional advisors and our staff experts to help you determine which type of legacy gift is best for you.

There are many types of legacy gifts you can easily make without incurring the services of your professional advisor. All you need to do is fill out your provider’s paperwork for the following gifts: IRA or pension plan, life insurance, stocks and bonds, savings account, checking account or annuity.